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Krokus returns with their hit making line-up from the early 80's with an album that ROCKS. Get your 'Hoodoo' on America! Already platinum in their native Switzerland and charting in other European territories. Hoodoo has just been released in the US. Krokus return to Bern (where this line-up triumphantly re-formed in 2008) with AC/DC on June 8th. US Tour dates in the works. Hocus Pocus you can be a part of the return of Krokus - play this new music loud & proud!

'Everyone knows, KROKUS rules.' - Alice Cooper

'Great that the guys are back.' - Gene Simmons


Listen Now!


1. Drive It In
2. Hoodoo Woman
3. Born To Be Wild
4. Rock 'n'Roll Handshake
5. Ride Into The Sun
6. Too Hot
7. In My Blood
8. Dirty Secret
9. Keep Me Rolling
10. Shot Of Love
11. Firestar


Bruchsal, Germany
Krokus at Fabrik
Lindau, Germany
Krokus at Club Vaudeville
Nuremberg, Germany
Krokus at Hirsch
Bremen, Germany
Krokus at Aladin-music-hall
Aschaffenburg, Germany
Krokus at Colos-Saal
Munich, Germany
Xandria with Krokus and Stream of Passion at Backstage
Bochum, Germany
Krokus at Zeche
Vizovice, Czech Republic
Masters Of Rock Festival 2014
Tuttlingen, Germany
Krokus with Doro at Honberg Tuttlingen
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