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  Company Of Thieves

   Running From A Gamble

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Running From A Gamble

Like all great artists, Company of Thieves (Genevieve Schatz, Marc Walloch, Chris Faller, Marcin Sulewski) is full of ideas, whether the Chicago band is writing a concept album about a girl seeking independence in modern-day America or having the audacity to channel disparate influences like the Beatles, Billie Holliday, and Radiohead into its heady, catchy rock songs.

It's difficult to think of a harder-working group of musicians than the skilled players who make up Company of Thieves. These guys and gal are road warriors, and there's a good chance that they've already played your town a few times. They've toured with Annuals, OK Go, and the Hold Steady; played festivals like Lollapalooza and Mountain Jam; appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly; and Schatz and Walloch were given props by the veteran players when they performed on Live From Daryl's House.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: May 17, 2011   on Wind-Up


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1. Intro
2. Queen Of Hearts
3. Modern Waste
4. Look Both Ways
5. Never Come Back
6. Nothing's In The Flowers
7. Death Of Communication
8. King Of Dreams
9. Gorgeous/Grotesque
10. Syrup
11. Tallulah
12. Won't Go Quietly
13. After Thought