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  Mia Doi Todd

   Cosmic Ocean Ship

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Cosmic Ocean Ship

Mia Doi Todd returns with her 9th album, Cosmic Ocean Ship, produced by Jonathan Wilson. Recorded in Los Angeles to analog 2-inch tape, the album has a warmth and depth that showcases Mia's beautiful, powerful, unique, and at times delicate voice.

Inspired by interstellar journeys, reflective encounters with friends, and explorations of forest, beach, jungle, desert, and city in Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, France, and India, Mia searched deep within to communicate a new perspective - one that transports the listener into the ecstatic radiance of intimate love, and one that is yearning with an overall optimistic vision for the future of planet earth and the human experience. In reaction against the political, economic, and environmental upheaval and devastation of the last decade, Mia felt compelled as an artist to take a stand and create something for our time that focuses on beauty, joy, light, and love.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: May 17, 2011   on City Zen


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1. Paraty
2. My Baby Lives In Paris
3. Under The Sun
4. Skipping Stones
5. Summer Lover
6. La Havana
7. Canto De Lemanja
8. The Rising Tide
9. All My City
10. Gracias A La Vida