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  Christian McBride & Inside Straight

   People Music

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People Music

Any time that Christian McBride steps into the studio or onto a stage he plays what could be called 'people music,' but it's a particularly apt title for the second release by his hard-swinging acoustic quintet Inside Straight.

Four years after Kind Of Brown, the band's acclaimed debut album, People Music delivers a more road-tested, 'lived-in' Inside Straight, able to dig deep while projecting that ebullient vigor that has become McBride's trademark.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: May 14, 2013   on Mack Avenue

TAGS: Jazz | AAJ | Instrumental


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1. Listen To The Heroes Cry
2. Fair Hope Theme
3. Gang Gang
4. Ms. Angelou
5. The Movement, Revisited
6. Unusual Suspects
7. Dream Train
8. New Hope's Angel

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