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  Jaga Jazzist

   Live With The Britten Sinfonia

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Live With The Britten Sinfonia

Like a modern day Live at Leeds, like the benevolent, neon twin of Live Evil, Jaga Jazzist's wondrous new record is just that; a brilliant album on its own terms. Jaga Jazzist had long wanted to work with an orchestra, and when the British radio DJ Fiona Talkington introduced them to the Britten Sinfonia, they leapt at the chance to collaborate.

Jaga wanted to make each musician feel like a central part of the performance, and this philosophy paid off in full. The music is full of exuberance and passion, each player becoming an equal part of a startlingly purposeful hive-mind.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: May 14, 2013   on Ninja Tune


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1. One-Armed Bandit
2. Kitty Wu
3. Prungen
4. Bananfluer Overalt
5. For All You Happy People
6. Toccata
7. Music! Dance! Drama!
8. Oslo Skyline