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  Jackson Browne & David Lindley

   Love Is Strange

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Love Is Strange

Jackson Browne's latest release Love Is Strange, produced by Browne and Paul Dieter, features longtime friend and co-conspirator David Lindley. The two-CD live album presents highlights from a tour of Spain that he and Lindley played in 2006, in grand concert halls, rock venues and intimate clubs. Tracks include 'Love Is Strange/Stay,' 'Take It Easy,' 'Mercury Blues,' and 'Running On Empty.'


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1. I'm Alive
2. Call It A Loan
3. Looking East
4. The Crow On The Cradle
5. Mercury Blues
6. El Rayo X
7. Sit Down Servant
8. Take It Easy
9. For Taking The Trouble
10. For Everyman
11. Your Bright Baby Blues
12. Tu Tranquilo
13. Late For The Sky
14. These Days
15. Running On Empty
16. Love Is Strange / Stay
17. The Next Voice You Hear