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Univox's debut album combines 70's underground sensibilities with Motown and punk influences to craft catchy compelling songs. Citing masters such as The Kinks, The Four Tops and David Bowie as their primary influences, they create moody sonic pop songs that alternate between perfectly catchy indie-pop and subtle, grand auditory gestures. With gorgeously woozy vocals laced with tight doo-wop harmonies and layered over sharp abrasive guitar hooks, these rollickin' numbers effectively strip down any preconceptions of what pop music should be. A freshman release with prowess and muscle.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: May 11, 2010   on ROIR


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1. Pi
2. Everybody Knows
3. Lever Master City
4. Never, Here I Am
5. You Don't Know
6. Cannonball
7. I'm a Lying Fuck
8. All This Blood Came From My Heart
9. Bright Lady Light
10. Conan
11. Mind Traveler's Song
12. Nobody's That Smart