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  Eric Bibb

   Troubadour Live

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Troubadour Live

Guitarist/songwriter Eric Bibb is a native New Yorker with deep roots in the American blues and folk tradition. The son of '60s folk singer Leon Bibb and nephew of Modern Jazz Quartet's John Lewis, he has played steel guitar since the age of 7. Twice nominated for the W.C. Handy Awards and winner of the Best Newcomer title in the British Blues Awards, Bibb's unique talent continues to draw critical acclaim around the world.

This follow-up to Booker's Guitar, a collection of songs inspired by Delta great Bukka White, was recorded live in Sweden in just two days and features inspired update of his 'greatest hits,' as well as new material. Bibb's latest Telarc release also includes solo tracks, duets with Swedish guitarist Staffan Astner and performances with his band.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: May 10, 2011   on Telarc



1. The Cape
2. Introducing Staffan Astner
3. New Home
4. Troubadour
5. Shavin' Talk
6. Walkin' Blues Again
7. Tell Riley
8. Connected
9. New World Comin' Through
10. Thanks For The Joy
11. For You
12. Put Your Love First
13. If You Were Not My Woman


Thun, Switzerland
Eric Bibb at Kk Thun, Lachensaal
Fribourg, Switzerland
Eric Bibb with Yana Bibb at La Spirale
Mainz, Germany
Eric Bibb at Frankfurter Hof
Salzburg, Austria
Eric Bibb at Jazzit Musik Club
Gera, Germany
Eric with Yana Bibb and Eric Bibb at Comma
Roth, Germany
Eric Bibb at Kulturfabrik
Munich, Germany
Eric Bibb at Muffathalle
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