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  Tenafly Viper

   The Queen, The Night And The Liars

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The Queen, The Night And The Liars

Tenafly Viper is a hard rock supergroup that was started as a jam between members of Mushroomhead, Chimaira, and the Autumn Offering. The band formed after recording a few demos on 4-track from their many late-night sessions, like the old days of recording. 'It's more rock than anything we've ever done,' says guitarist Tommy Church, 'yet our metal influences shine through.' Catch Tenafly Viper on tour now.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: May 8, 2012   on Filthy Hands

TAGS: Rock | Hard Rock | Metal


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1. Rawk On It
2. Pull The Gun
3. The Stranger
4. Street Trash
5. Rebellion
6. The Mud
7. Miss Red
8. Reno
9. Todays Trip
10. Smooth