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  Arturo Sandoval

   Dear Diz (Every Day I Think Of You)

Dear Diz (Every Day I Think Of You)

Although there has always been a breath of Dizzy in Arturo's work, this is the first time that such a direct loving tribute has been made. Dizzy, who was a longtime proponent of Afro-Cuban music, has been referred to as a type of 'spiritual father' by Sandoval. Dear Diz (Every Day I Think Of You) is a reflection of their unique connection through music.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: May 8, 2012   on Concord Jazz


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1. Be Bop
2. Salt Peanuts! (Mani Salado)
3. And Then She Stopped
4. Birks Works (ala Mancini)
5. Things To Come
6. Fiesta Mojo
7. Con Alma (With Soul)
8. Tin Tin Deo
9. Algo Bueno (Woody and Me)
10. A Night in Tunisia (Actually An Entire Weekend!)
11. Every Day I Think Of You


Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Arturo Sandoval at Manitoba Theatre Centre
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Arturo Sandoval at Broadway Theatre
Regina, SK, Canada
Arturo Sandoval at Casino Regina
Los Angeles, CA, US
Arturo Sandoval at Walt Disney Concert Hall
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