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  Rey Fresco

   The People

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The People

'Unique' is a fitting description. Rey Fresco's lead instrument is a 36 string Veracruz harp accompanied by soulful vocals, a pumping bassline, & a booming drum sound resonating from a kit built out of surfboard fiberglass. The unique instrumentation & original songwriting has lead Rey Fresco to organically build a buzz. The VC Reporter put it best when they proclaimed Rey Fresco is 'preparing to explode.'

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: May 4, 2010   on Eight 0 Five

TAGS: Rock | Reggae | World | Latin


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1. Fairlie
2. All In Awe
3. On The Radio
4. King Of The Sea
5. Hey Girl
6. Mister Wrong
7. Roll Your Dice
8. Dorothy
9. Precious Time
10. Ninja Kush
11. Sugar Love
12. Can't Explain
13. Chan Chan