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   The Crux

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The Crux

'We wanted this to be a record of extremes,' Hurt front man J. Loren says of the latest album The Crux. 'We wanted it to be its own musical world that the listener can return to again and again, and find something new to discover every time.'

Indeed, The Crux marks a vibrant creative rebirth for Hurt, which has already earned a reputation as a band with a penchant for bold musical invention and unsparing lyrical insight. The Crux finds singer/violinist Loren, guitarist Michael Roberts, bassist Rek Mohr and drummer Victor Ribas staking out new musical territory.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: May 1, 2012   on Carved


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1. So When
2. Eden
3. Links & Waves
4. Sally Slips
5. When It's Cold
6. Adonai
7. Caught In The Rain
8. Cuffed
9. How We End Up Alone
10. Numbers
11. The Seer