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   Nobody's Daughter

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Nobody's Daughter

Nobody's Daughter is the first album by Hole in more than a decade (since 1998's three-time Grammy-nominated Celebrity Skin).

'This record is about greed, vengeance and feminism,' says Courtney Love of the ragged rock songs on her first LP in six years... writing began in 2005, while Love was strumming raw folk tunes on an acoustic during a rehab stint. But as the songs developed -- with help from producer Michael Beinhorn, Billy Corgan and Linda Perry -- Love says, 'Shit got darker, I got meaner, and the tracks got hard and big.' - Rolling Stone

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: April 27, 2010   on Mercury

TAGS: Rock | Alternative



1. Nobody's Daughter
2. Skinny Little Bitch
3. Honey
4. Pacific Coast Highway
5. Samantha
6. Someone Else's Bed
7. For Once In Your Life
8. Letter To God
9. Loser Dust
10. How Dirty Girls Get Clean
11. Never Go Hungry