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  Drowning Pool

   Drowning Pool

Drowning Pool

The Dallas quartet releases their fourth full-length album, Drowning Pool on Eleven Seven Music.

The album is a statement on various levels. It's a statement that Drowning Pool can write anything: from fist-pumping arena rock songs such as 'Feel Like I Do' and 'Let the Sin Begin' to the introspective acoustic haze of 'Alcohol Blind' and the pensive pain of 'Turns So Cold.' It's a statement that this band is airtight musically, with the combination of Ryan McCombs's roar, C.J. Pierce's fret fireworks, Stevie Benton's thundering bass lines and Mike Luce's propulsive percussive palette.

It's a statement that Drowning Pool won't stop, coming back with the fourth album of their decade-long career after withstanding the tragic death of original vocalist Dave Williams and parting with his replacement. Most importantly, it's a statement that Drowning Pool's music will be here forever.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: April 27, 2010   on Eleven Seven



1. Let the Sin Begin
2. Feel Like I Do
3. Turn So Cold
4. Regret
5. Over My Head
6. All About Me
7. More Than Worthless
8. Children of the Gun
9. Alcohol Blind
10. Horns Up
11. King Zero

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Drowning Pool


(Eleven Seven)