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  Younger Brother


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Vaccine is the third album by Younger Brother, in which pioneering musician/producer/composer/DJ Simon Posford teams with longtime collaborators Benji Vaughan and Ruu Campbell.

The album marks a notable evolution from the band's electronic origins, with such memorable tracks as 'Shine,' 'Night Lead Me Astray,' 'Crystalline,' and 'Pound A Rhythm' embracing melodic song structures and organic instrumental sounds. The songs incorporate elements of catchy uber-pop, early American folk and blues, and vintage prog-rock, with lyrics that balance pointed humor and weighty philosophical matters, giving the album a level of intimacy and emotion that's not normally associated with electronic music.

'Their most fully-realized and ambitious record to date...Vaccine finds the trio reclaiming electronica, while launching an offensive that takes ground dangerously close to stadium-sized pop.'

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: April 26, 2011   on SCI Fidelity


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1. Crystalline
2. Shine
3. Pound A Rhythm
4. Safety In Numbers
5. Night Lead Me Astray
6. Train
7. Spinning Into Place
8. SYS 700
9. Tetris