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  The Limousines

   Get Sharp

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Get Sharp

The Limousines are a 2-piece electropop band based in the Bay Area, CA. This, their debut full-length album featuring 'Internet Killed the Video Star' and 'Very Busy People' already receiving heavy rotation on San Francisco airwaves. They have opened for Duran Duran, the Shins, the Temper Trap and Flaming Lips. Don't miss their bombastic live performance.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: April 26, 2011   on Dangerbird


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1. Square Circle Triangle
2. Dancing At Her Funeral
3. Internet Killed The Video Star
4. Very Busy People
5. Flaskaboozendancingshoes
6. The Future
7. Triangle Circle Square
8. Wildfires
9. Swrdswllngwhr (Wishing Well)
10. Fine Art
11. Get Sharp

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The Limousines


(Orchard City)