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  Steve Palmer Band


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On Apparition, Steve Palmer surrounds himself with as much talent and drive as any legendary rock band ever has. Steve's mesmerizing voice generates instant vocal ID. Bryan Ewald's imaginative, tasteful and sometimes trippy guitar leads drive the tracks. Larry Hall's B-3 organs fills are reliably scalding. Drummer Tony Morra holds the band together with precision, poise and an instinctive feel. And then there's backing vocalist Vicki Hampton, whose soulful alto is a perfect counterpoint to Palmer. Check out Steve Palmer Band and their intense layered rock anthems. The band is currently on tour nationally.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: April 20, 2010   on Arythmia

TAGS: Rock


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1. Living On The Streets
2. Livin' A Lie
3. Never Gonna See Her Again
4. Apparition
5. Where Did Your Love Go
6. Some Things Will Never Change
7. I Think I Am In Love
8. Nothin' To Do
9. Get That Right
10. Her Own Place
11. Still Holding On
12. No Words To Say