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   So Red The Rose (CD/DVD)

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So Red The Rose (CD/DVD)

Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor formed Arcadia during a group hiatus and, in 1985, released one album, So Red The Rose. The album features the U.S. and U.K. Top 10 hit, 'Election Day' and guest musicians including David Gilmour, Herbie Hancock, Grace Jones and Sting.

This release is an expanded, digitally re-mastered 2CD/DVD Limited Special Edition, adding six bonus tracks to the album's original track list, plus a full second disc of 11 rare mixes and 'The Making of Arcadia,' making its DVD release debut.

RELEASED: April 20, 2010   on Capitol


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1. Election Day
2. Keep Me In The Dark
3. Goodbye Is Forever
4. The Flame
5. Missing
6. Rose Arcana
7. The Promise
8. El Diablo
9. Lady Ice
10. Say The Word (Theme from Playing For Keeps)
11. Election Day [Single Version]
12. Goodbye Is Forever [Single Mix]
13. The Promise [7" Mix]
14. The Flame [7" Remix]
15. Say The Word (Theme from Playing For Keeps) [Soundtrack Version]
16. She's Moody And Grey, She's Mean And She's Restless
DISC TWO (The Mixes):
1. Election Day [Consensus Mix]
2. Goodbye Is Forever [12" Extended Remix]
3. The Promise [Instrumental]
4. Rose Arcana [Extended]
5. The Flame [Extended Remix]
6. Say The Word (Theme from Playing For Keeps) [Extended Vocal Remix]
7. Election Day [Cryptic Cut]
8. The Promise [12" Mix]
9. Goodbye Is Forever [Dub Mix]
10. Say The Word (Theme from Playing For Keeps) [Extended Instrumental Remix]
11. Election Day [Early Rough Mix]
12. Flame Game [Yo Homeboy Mix]
DVD: "The Making of Arcadia" [originally released on VHS, 1987]
1. Introduction
2. Filming "Election Day"
3. Election Day [music video]
4. Filming "The Promise"
5. The Promise [music video]
6. Filming "Goodbye Is Forever"
7. Goodbye Is Forever [music video]
8. Filming "The Flame"
9. The Flame [music video]
10. Filming "Missing"
11. Missing [music video]
12. Credits

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