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   The Fall

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The Fall

From Montreal to Vancouver via Seattle, Texas and Toronto, Gorillaz recorded a musical diary during spare time while on the road over 32 days on their North American Tour last autumn. The result, titled The Fall, is a collection of 15 tracks: some with vocals, some without, some combined performances and some solo. The sonic journal, featuring the first single 'Revolving Doors,' was produced by the band and Stephen Sedgwick.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: April 19, 2011   on Virgin


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1. Phoner To Arizona
2. Revolving Doors
3. Hillbilly Man
4. Detroit
5. Shy-Town
6. Little Pink Plastic Bags
7. The Joplin Spider
8. The Parish Of Space Dust
9. The Snake In Dallas
10. Amarillo
11. The Speak It Mountains
12. Aspen Forest
13. Bobby In Phoenix
14. California And The Slipping Of The Sun
15. Seattle Yodel

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