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  Butterfly Boucher

   Butterfly Boucher

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Butterfly Boucher

'This is a new era for me, being independent and calling my own shots,' says Butterfly Boucher of her self-titled album.

Originally signed to the now-defunct but once mighty A&M Records, her '04 debut Flutterby drew notable attention from David Bowie, Madonna, Ben Folds, and Sarah McLachlan. But Boucher was caught up in the decade's label maelstrom, and was unable to release her second album until 2009.

Now, as not only a performing artist, but also a multi-instrumentalist, writer, arranger, and producer - she's funneled her multiple creative outlets into the making of Butterfly Boucher with an adventurous and experimental spirit, crafting smart indie pop with alt rock muscle.


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1. 5678!
2. The Weather
3. Not Fooling Around
4. Warning Bell
5. None The Wiser
6. Unashamed Desire
7. I Wanted To Be The Sun
8. Table For One
9. Don't Look Away
10. Take It Away