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  Eric Hutchinson

   Moving Up Living Down

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Moving Up Living Down

As Eric Hutchinson journeyed toward the making of Moving Up Living Down, the delightfully witty and supremely wise follow-up to Sounds Like This, he developed a very simple rule regarding new songs.

'I traveled so long and got to see so many people and places, and sharing music with the fans every night got me thinking: The best concerts are when people sing along with me. So for the next one, what kind of songs do I want people singing with me? What kind of songs do I want people dancing to?'

Get ready to sing and dance.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: April 17, 2012   on Warner Bros.


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1. Talk Is Cheap
2. Best Days
3. The Basement
4. Watching You Watch Him
5. Breakdown More
6. The People I Know
7. Living In the Afterlife
8. In The First Place
9. I'm Not Cool
10. Not There Yet

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