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  Kenny Garrett

   Seeds From The Underground

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Seeds From The Underground

With Seeds From The Underground, Garrett has crafted a project that offers his appreciation while always making the listener aware of his band's skillful approach to melody, harmony and rhythm.

From personal nods such as the opening track 'Boogety Boogety,' dedicated to his memory of watching western films with his father (the title refers to the sound of a galloping horse); 'Wiggins,' which references his high school band director Bill Wiggins; and 'Detroit,' an evocative, reflective composition about his hometown, and a celebration of mentor Marcus Belgrave; to his appreciation of some of his musical heroes on 'J Mac' (Jackie McLean); 'Haynes Here' (Roy Haynes); and 'Do Wo Mo' (Duke Ellington, Woody Shaw and Thelonious Monk).

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: April 10, 2012   on Mack Avenue


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1. Boogety Boogety
2. J. Mac
3. Wiggins
4. Haynes Here
5. Detroit
6. Seeds From The Underground
7. Du-Wo-Mo
8. Welcome Earth Song
9. Ballad Jarrett
10. Laviso, I Bon?

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