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  Black Prairie

   Feast Of The Hunters' Moon

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Feast Of The Hunters' Moon

Listening to Black Prairie's debut, Feast of the Hunters' Moon, is like walking onto the set of an HBO show about fear, longing, betrayal and loneliness. The music created by this Portland, Ore.-based quintet sounds as if it comes from a different time and place.

According to dobroist Chris Funk, that's the point; he says the sound Black Prairie makes 'bridges the music of Clarence White and Ennio Morricone.' In other words, 'it's a sound which defies any kind of genre characterization.' - NPR

Features three members of The Decemberists.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: April 6, 2010   on Sugar Hill


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1. Across the Black Prairie
2. Red Rocking Chair
3. Back Alley
4. Ostinato Del Caminito
5. A Prairie Musette
6. Crooked Little Heart
7. Annie McGuire
8. Atrocity
9. Tango Oscuro
10. Single Mistake
11. Full Moon in June
12. Home Made Lemonade
13. The Blackest Crow