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  Hollywood Undead

   American Tragedy

American Tragedy

Hollywood Undead is back with American Tragedy, the follow-up to the gold-selling debut album, Swan Songs. Most dreams are broken, others are buried, and some are simply burned. On their new album, American Tragedy, Hollywood Undead dissect those very same dreams with a volatile and vibrant hip hop swagger, a magnificent metallic crunch, and a danceable industrial soul.

At the heart of the band's second release for A&M/Octone, these six musicians - Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Charlie Scene, Da Kurlzz, Funny Man, and Danny - rhyme and rock from sharply hilarious jabs about vacuous clubs to unbridled, poignant musings on losing faith and struggling with addiction. American Tragedy contains the hit songs 'Hear Me Now' and 'Coming Back Down,' as well as fan favorites 'Been To Hell' and 'Comin' In Hot.'

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: April 5, 2011   on A&M / Octone


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1. Been To Hell
2. Apologize
3. Comin' In Hot
4. My Town
5. I Don't Wanna Die
6. Hear Me Now
7. Gangsta Sexy
8. Glory
9. Lights Out
10. Coming Back Down
11. Bullet
12. Levitate
13. Pour Me
14. Tendencies


Helsinki, Finland
Hollywood Undead at Nosturi
Stockholm, Sweden
Hollywood Undead at Klubben, Fryshuset
Oslo, Norway
Hollywood Undead at John Dee
Gothenburg, Sweden
Hollywood Undead at Sticky Fingers
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hollywood Undead at Pumpehuset
Hamburg, Germany
Hollywood Undead at Logo
Berlin, Germany
Hollywood Undead at Binuu
Prague, Czech Republic
Hollywood Undead at Unknown venue
Budapest, Hungary
Hollywood Undead at Akvárium Klub
Munich, Germany
Hollywood Undead at Strom Linienclub
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