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  Adam Cohen

   Like A Man

Like A Man

Adam Cohen, the son of the legendary Leonard Cohen, presents Like A Man, a 'strikingly personal album' of ten intimate songs that is 'truly fit to bear the family name' - Sunday Times of London

These 'elegant poem songs' (MOJO) often recall the late '60s and '70s recordings of his father.

'They are songs that bear a family trait, one I'd fought with some gusto to disguise up until now,' Cohen says. On his previous three recordings, he admits, 'I was doing everything I could to make music that had little resemblance to my father's. Musically speaking, I was performing some kind of contortion act to not be seen purely as my father's son.' The result is a stunning collection of ten 'candid, sensuous and precise... songs about modern love,' (Mail on Sunday) such as 'Out of Bed,' 'Like a Man,' and 'What Other Guy.'

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: April 3, 2012   on Decca


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1. Out Of Bed
2. Matchbox
3. Like A Man
4. Sweet Dominique
5. What Other Guy
6. Girls These Days
7. Lie Alone
8. Overrated
9. Beautiful
10. Stranger