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  Gustafer Yellowgold

   Gustafer Yellowgold's Year In The Day (DVD/CD)

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Gustafer Yellowgold's Year In The Day (DVD/CD)

Gustafer Yellowgold's Year In The Day is the first Gustafer Yellowgold DVD/CD package to feature a focused theme throughout, unfolding in graphic novel fashion and sequentially connecting eleven thought provoking, melodic soft-rock music videos in the inimitable Gustafer Yellowgold style, ranging from sublime alt-pop to gentle acoustic. These humorous and hand-drawn music videos follow Gustafer through eleven different days of the calendar year.


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1. New Is The New Old
2. A Shadow
3. Keep It Simple Sweetheart
4. Pancake Smackdown
5. Four Leaved Clover
6. Eggs
7. Midsummer's Son
8. Fireworks!
9. Werewolves Rock
10. Pumpkin Pied
11. Fa and A La