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  The Vespers

   The Fourth Wall

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The Fourth Wall

The Vespers are one of those lucky young bands who are becoming a word of mouth sensation though they've only quietly self-released one record. With two sisters on lead vocals and two brothers filling out the sound, the foursome is distinguished by an arsenal of instruments and the kind of harmony only siblings can create.

They have toured from Boston to Austin, hitting everything from festivals to college campuses in between. On The Fourth Wall, they create infectious folk-pop with both the buoyancy of youth and deeper spiritual themes.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: April 3, 2012   on Black Suit


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1. Better Now
2. Flower Flower
3. Lawdy
4. Instrument For You
5. Close My Eyes
6. Got No Friends
7. Jolly Robber
8. Grinnin in your face
9. Will you love me
10. Footprints in the snow
11. Winter