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  Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

   Dirty Shirt Rock N Roll: The First Ten Years

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Dirty Shirt Rock N Roll: The First Ten Years

On stage and in the studio, Jon Spencer has destroyed and rebuilt American roots music with such ferocity and wild abandon it is hard to believe that there is anything left. The trail of musical destruction he created with his legendary group Pussy Galore still smolders in the avant punk blues and nasty garage grind of the Blues Exposion, whose incredible, innovative output remains an indelible totem to his enormous mojo spirit and red-hot power of deliverance. This first-ever JSBX collection spans their entire career and includes a detailed 20-page booklet, containing an essay, rare photos and memorabilia.


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1. Chicken Dog
2. Magical Colors
3. Money Rock'N'Roll
4. Love Ain't On The Run
5. Blues X Man
6. Buscemi
7. Bellbottoms
8. History Of Sex
9. Fuck Shit Up
10. Leave Me Alone So I Can Rock Again
11. Shake 'Em On Down (Edit)
12. Train #2
13. Water Main
14. Hell
15. Wail (Video Mix)
16. Afro
17. Greyhound
18. Talk About The Blues
19. Flavor (Remix)
20. Feeling Of Love
21. Lap Dance
22. She Said (Single Edit)