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  Between The Buried And Me

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The Best Of

Between The Buried And Me have built their reputation as one of hard rock's most inventive and ambitious bands. Reviewing their hugely celebrated catalog, it's exciting to see how far they've come and how deep they are willing to go. Venturing into each record is like exploring undiscovered country. From the melancholy of The Silent Circus and the claustrophobic Alaska, Between The Buried And Me continued to evolve into a new pedigree that defies any categorization. Colors, a sonic labyrinth of grand proportion and The Great Misdirect, a complex and engaging tour de force helped launch Between The Buried And Me into the metal elite.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: March 29, 2011   on Victory

TAGS: Rock | Hard Rock | Metal


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1. Mordecai
2. Ad a dglgmut
3. Aesthetic
4. Shavanel Take 2
5. Alaska
6. Selkies: The Endless Obsession
7. All Bodies
8. Backwards Marathon
9. Foam Born A) The Backtrack
10. Foam Born B) The Decade Of Statues
11. Prequel To The Sequel
12. Viridian
13. White Walls
14. Mirriors
15. Obfuscation
16. Mordecai [Live]
17. Shavanel Cut A Flip [Live]
18. Backwards Marathon [Live]
19. Ad a dglgmut [Live]
20. Selkies: The Endless Obsession [Live]


Mexico City, Mexico
Between The Buried And Me at Lunario del Auditorio Nacional
Worcester, MA, US
New England Metal with Between The Buried And Me, Overcast, The Banner, and 7 moreā€¦ at Palladium
Bristol, UK
Temples Festival 2015
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