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   Never Be Content

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Never Be Content

To call Innerpartysystem's Never Be Content epic might be an understatement. Sonically huge and thematically expansive, its origins comprise a saga as well. The EP is the story of a band lost and found, a mission refined. The EP tracks a movement, a survey from a space of uncertainty and flux to one of artistic surety and contentment. Its nominal paradox - contentment found through never arriving at a static state of satisfaction - is reflected in the perfectly calibrated tension and release of the six songs contained therein, with as many sneers as messages, a well-earned rest for every barrage of beats.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: March 29, 2011   on Red Bull


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1. And Together
2. Money Makes the World Go Round
3. American Trash
4. Out Of Touch
5. Not Getting Any Better
6. Squid