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  Let's Wrestle

   In the Court of the Wrestling Let's

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In the Court of the Wrestling Let's

Let's Wrestle met years ago and bonded over meat and records. After a while, a band was formed and soon the world shall be conquered. Let's Wrestle have influences as vast as Black Flag, Faust, and Edith Piaf but are ultimately trying to be as raw as possible. They aim to write songs that make your soul crumble as well as make you smile, sing along, and clap your hands. Upon being signed to Merge, singer and guitarist Wesley Patrick Gonzalez exclaimed, 'The future looks pretty Mergetastic and Wrestlerific!' We think you'll agree!

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: March 23, 2010   on Merge


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1. My Arms Don't Bend That Way, Damn It!
2. I'm In Love With Destruction
3. Tanks
4. My Eyes Are Bledding (Interlude)
5. My Schedule
6. We Are the Men You'll Grow To Love Soon
7. In Dreams
8. Atlantis (Interlude)
9. Song for Old People
10. I Won't Lie To You
11. Diana's Hair
12. I'm In Fighting Mode
13. Insects
14. It's Not Going To Happen
15. Waltz (Interlude)
16. In The Court Of The Wrestling Let's