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  Drink Up Buttercup

   Born and Thrown On A Hook

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Born and Thrown On A Hook

Drink Up Buttercup may hail from Philadelphia, but the geography of their debut album Born And Thrown On A Hook is less easily located on a physical map. It's an occasionally surreal mythology filled with tales of hopelessly flawed characters, star-crossed lovers, drunks, fairy tales & bad trips. It exists in a world touched upon previously by Tom Waits, Hans Christian Anderson and Lloyd Kaufman, while musically it follows the direct lineage of classic songwriting: Bowie, The Beatles & The Beach Boys' late 60s lysergia, early Roxy Music, Sabbath's bass heavy pulse & the crescendos of Arcade Fire.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: March 23, 2010   on Yep Roc

TAGS: Pop | Rock | Indie Rock


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