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   Live (DVD)

Live (DVD)

Two brutal live shows from these long running and still standing swamp metal road dogs. Recorded in 2009 (Baltimore, MD) and 2010 (Cleveland, OH), two almost completely different set lists combine for some heavy duty rock and roll, no doubt. The perfect mix of Black Flag and Black Sabbath in ragged, live glory. 25 plus years of blues based ugly rock boiled down into one DVD.

On tour in 2011.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: March 22, 2011   on MVD Visual



1. Intro/Feedback
2. Story Of The Eye
3. Jackass In The Will Of God
4. Take As Needed For Pain
5. Sister Fucker
6. Dixie Whiskey
7. White Nigger
8. Depress
9. Lack Of Almost Everything
10. Masters Of Legalized Confusion
11. Pigs
12. Methampthetamine
13. Blank
14. $30 Bag
15. Kill Your Boss
16. Left To Starve
17. Children Of God
18. Blood Money
19. Crimes Against Skin
20. Dog's Holy Life
21. Serving Time In The Middle Of Nowhere
22. Feedback / Outro
23. Shoplift
24. Run It Into The Ground
25. Shinobi
26. Sister Fucker (Video)
27. Anxiety Hangover (Video)
28. The Age Of Bootcamp (Video)


Austin, TX, US
Housecore Horror Film Festival 2014
Baton Rouge, LA, US
Eyehategod with Christworm at Spanish Moon
Boise, ID, US
Eyehategod and Iron Reagan at Crazy Horse
Seattle, WA, US
Eyehategod with Powertrip and Iron Reagan at El Corazon
Seattle, WA, US
Eyehategod, Iron Reagan, Powertrip, Wounded Giant, and 1 more… at El Corazon
Portland, OR, US
Eyehategod, Powertrip, and Iron Reagan at Unknown venue
Sacramento, CA, US
Eyehategod, Powertrip, and Iron Reagan at Starlite Lounge
Oakland, CA, US
Eyehategod with Today Is the Day, Power Trip, Iron Reagan, and 1 more… at Oakland Metro
Santa Ana, CA, US
Eyehategod with Today Is the Day, Powertrip, and Iron Reagan at Constellation Room at the Observatory
Los Angeles, CA, US
Eyehategod, Powertrip, and Iron Reagan at Los Globos
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