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  Pat DiNizio

   This Is Pat Dinizio (Expanded Edition)

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This Is Pat Dinizio (Expanded Edition)

As a youngster, Pat DiNizio was inspired by the pop music emanating from his transistor radio in the '60s and the hit tunes being written by his musical idols Buddy Holly, the Beatles, and the Beau Brummels among others. He soon began crafting his own 3 minute and 3 chord hook-laden masterpieces.

Perseverance paid off for Pat's band, the Smithereens, with their chart-topping hits appearing on the radio in rapid succession like 'Behind the Wall of Sleep,' 'Only a Memory' and 'A Girl Like You.' The Smithereens racked up gold and platinum records, and they performed on top-rated television programs as well as on stages all over the world. After 32 years together as a band, the Smithereens continue to tour and record. Their latest album, Smithereens 2011, spawned the hit radio singles 'Sorry' and 'One Look at You.' Pat is currently in Las Vegas, performing his 'Confessions of a Rock Star' multimedia revue at The Riviera Hotel. 'Confessions of a Rock Star' presents the next step in the evolution of the Smithereens' Pat DiNizio. Part rock raconteur and part power pop pioneer, he continues to expand the boundaries of rock and roll concerts. Pat's show has grown from its original 'one man, one car, one guitar' concept into a compelling example of multimedia performance art.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: March 20, 2012   on Fuel


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1. For No One
2. Wichita Lineman
3. Where Is Love?
4. California Dreaming
5. My Funny Valentine
6. You Only Live Twice
7. Moon River
8. The Shadow of Your Smile
9. Homeward Bound
10. Days of Wine and Roses
11. Our Town
12. She Knows Me Too Well
13. This Guy's in Love with You
14. Everything That Touches You
15. The End of the World
16. Surfer Girl
17. Blue Period [*]
18. Behind the Wall of Sleep [*]
1. Kids Are Alright
2. Behind Blue Eyes
3. Don't Fear The Reaper
4. Free As A Bird
5. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
6. Well All Right
7. I' Won't Back Down
8. Tired Of Waiting
9. Words Of Love
10. I'm A Loser
11. I'll Be On My Way
12. Paranoid
13. Afternoon Tea
14. Gloomy Sunday
15. House We Use To Live In
16. Cigarette
17. Especially For You
18. Room Without A View