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  Yukon Blonde

   Tiger Talk

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Tiger Talk

Entitled Tiger Talk, this sophomore album represents the next adventurous step in Yukon Blonde's career. Its ten tracks are short and punchy, as the band trimmed the fat and packed hooks and brisk tempos into streamlined arrangements. 'Radio' assaults the speakers with a brash stomp worthy of early Elvis Costello, while 'Oregon Shores' blends its bouncy rhythm and sunny vocal harmonies with an epic, face-melting guitar solo.

The album still bears some of the hallmarks of what made Yukon Blonde so beloved to begin with: the jangling riffs, the warm harmonies, and Innes' inquisitive lyrical questioning of the world around him. This time, however, the songs are jacked up on sugar-spiked pop and coursing with adrenaline.

On tour in 2012.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: March 20, 2012   on Dine Alone


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1. My Girl
2. Radio
3. Stairway
4. Iron Fist
5. Oregon Shores
6. Six Dead Tigers
7. For LA
8. Breathing Tigers
9. Guns
10. Sweet Dee