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   Timeline: The Very Best Of 1998-2011

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Timeline: The Very Best Of 1998-2011

With over 650,000 albums sold since 1998 (and counting) and multiple sold out live tours, Schiller's worldwide acclaim continues to grow.

2011 proved to be a successful year for the German musician, composer, and producer, as his 6th studio album, Breathless, was released in the US.

Now in 2012, we look back on Schiller's accomplishments through the years with his newest release, Timeline: The Very Best of 1998-2011. The album chronicles the best and most important songs of Schiller's career.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: March 13, 2012   on OK!Good


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1. Nightflight
2. I Feel You (With Heppner)
3. A Beautiful Day
4. Das Glockenspiel
5. Let Me Love You (With Kim Sanders)
6. Sehnsucht (With Xavier Naidoo)
7. Time For Dreams (With Lang Lang)
8. Miles And Miles (With Moya Brennan)
9. Morning Dew (With Mike Oldfield)
10. Breathe (With September)
11. Azure
12. Schiller
13. You (With Colbie Caillat)
14. Dream Of You (With Heppner)
15. Try (With Nadia Ali)
16. Ruhe
17. Summernight
18. Always You (With Anggun)