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  The Morning Benders

   Big Echo

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Big Echo

Big Echo is an album made to be played LOUD. It sounds great on headphones. The band that made it is called THE MORNING BENDERS. They recorded the album in San Francisco and mixed it in Brookyln. CHRIS CHU and CHRIS TAYLOR (Grizzly Bear) produced it in eleven days. On the twelfth day they rejoiced.

There are 10 tracks on Big Echo which THE MORNING BENDERS think is best length for an album. It should also be said that Big Echo is made of some of the most glorious pop music you'll hear this year or any year. 'Shouting into a valley. Big Shout: BIG ECHO.'

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: March 9, 2010   on Rough Trade


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Wet Cement
Cold War
Pleasure Sighs
Hand Me Downs
Mason Jar
All Day Day Light
Sleepin In