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  Wye Oak



Civilian is a kind of 21st-century folk music, imbued with dense shoegaze guitars, nearly melodic rhythms, and impeccable splashes of electronic color. Without leaning on conventional structure, the songs beguile with fascinating chords and melodies, Jenn's voice and riveting lyrics, mesmerizing rhythms, and an intoxicating aural landscape. Just as good writing has meaning between the lines, Civilian has meaning between the sounds: the combinations of harmonies, timbres, and words summon vivid and ineffable associations just beyond reach.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: March 8, 2011   on Merge

TAGS: Rock | Indie Rock | Folk


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1. Two Small Deaths
2. The Alter
3. Holy Holy
4. Dogs Eyes
5. Civilian
6. Fish
7. Plains
8. Hot As Day
9. We Were Wealth
10. Doubt


Mexico City, Mexico
Wye Oak at El Plaza Condesa
Salisbury, UK
End of the Road Festival 2014
Jersey, Channel Islands, UK
Jersey Live Festival 2014
Brighton, UK
Wye Oak at The Green Door Store
Lille, France
Wye Oak at La Péniche
Bergen, Norway
Perfect Sounds Forever 2014
Berlin, Germany
First We Take Berlin! 2014
Madrid, Spain
Wye Oak at Sala El Sol
San Sebastián, Spain
Kutxa Kultur Festibala 2014
Barcelona, Spain
Wye Oak at Music Hall
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