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  Balkan Beat Box


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Balkan Beat Box are back with Give, their most musically intense and lyrically explosive album yet. Inspired by last year's protest movements across the globe, Give captures the cautious hope and angry spirit of our time. But the hard-edged beats and hard-hitting lyrics do not overshadow their signature mashup of hip-hop and Mediterranean infused electronica coupled with turbocharged live performances.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: March 6, 2012   on Nat Geo


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1. Intro
2. Part Of The Glory
3. Political F*ck
4. Money
5. Suki Muki
6. Porno Clown
7. Minimal
8. Urge To Be Violent
9. Look Like You
10. What A Night
11. Enemy In Economy
12. No Man's Land