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   Life Somewhere Else

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Life Somewhere Else

It all started as a tribute. A thanks. A return of inspiration... Jeffery Cain (Remy Zero) handed Steve Kilbey (the Church) a disc mysteriously credited to 'Isidore.' Much to Cain's surprise, what was once an instrumental came requited by words and melody sung in Kilbey's distinctive baritone - a collaboration was born.

Eight years later Isidore has reappeared. Life Somewhere Else is a sprawling epic featuring another sterling vocal performance by Kilbey (perhaps his best ever) and Cain's sterling sonic alchemy. Though short enough to fit on a single compact disc, Life Somewhere Else is spread across four sides of 180-gram vinyl - the medium where the album's sequence is enjoyed best. Haunting and beautiful, Life Somewhere Else has a power beyond its corporeal form. It's a masterpiece.


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1. The Privateer
2. Life Somewhere Else
3. Song Of The City
4. Old Black Spirit
5. Recoil
6. Some Reverse Magic
7. Reappearance
8. Oh My Sky
9. Just Dust
10. Belle In Mid Air
11. Readymade
12. Song For The Moon
13. The Headlight Child
14. You Will Remain