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  The Dunwells

   Blind Sighted Faith

Blind Sighted Faith

The Dunwells, two brothers, two cousins, and a best mate, debut their unique trademark sound that blends Celtic and American folk, rock, blues, pop and soul. The 11-track collection was produced by nine-time-Grammy-winner John Porter (The Smiths, Elvis Costello, Ryan Adams), and recorded during the summer of 2011 at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Studio in Austin, TX, and Analogue Studios in West Yorkshire, England.

Blind Sighted Faith introduces The Dunwells' organic blend of acoustic and electric roots music that is at once timeless, rambunctious and magical, with glorious five-part harmonies.


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1. I Could Be A King
2. Blind Sighted Faith
3. Hand That Feeds
4. Only Me
5. Elizabeth
6. Follow The Road
7. In The Moment
8. Goodnight My City
9. I Want To Be
10. Perfect Timing
11. Oh Lord


Malibu, CA, US
The Dunwells at Lisa Smith Wengler Center for the Arts at Pepperdine University
Doncaster, UK
The Dunwells at The Diamond
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