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  Lee DeWyze

   What Once Was: Songs From 2006-2010

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What Once Was: Songs From 2006-2010

The highly anticipated What Once Was is an aural snapshot of Lee DeWyze from 2006-2010, before winning American Idol. The songs were written when Lee had 100% artistic freedom, showcasing his talent for songwriting and featuring Louis J. Svitek, guitarist extraordinaire, and Ryan T. McGuire on the drums/percussion, who also produced the album for WuLi Records.

The collection of songs range from rock to folk to pop and were raw and unfiltered. From the haunting evocative vocals in 'Never There,' to the clever lyrics in the toe-tapping modern folksy song 'Snaps,' Lee's unique non-traditional musical style is revealed. Overall, the album effectively articulates Lee's youthful poetic soul, providing a window into What Once Was.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: February 14, 2012   on Wuli


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1. Snaps
2. Never There
3. Maybe I Might
4. Fallen
5. Princess (Reprise)
6. When She Dances
7. Green With Me
8. Worth Waiting
9. Bridge Burns

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