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  The Watson Twins

   Talking To You, Talking To Me

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Talking To You, Talking To Me

SPIN: '... the Watsons consult vintage Southern styles for inspiration, incorporating touches of country and plenty of hot-blooded soul.'

ELLE: 'Their soulful harmonies are at the center of a sparkling pop sound that has a Memphis-meets L.A. texture and hooks that work their charms on you instantly.'

BUST: 'The record is beautiful and dark... Talking To You, Talking To Me, is an open wound unabashedly bared.'

RELIX : 'Talking To You, Talking To Me admires the night with a ghostly, echoed sound that bounces from sleek pop ('Modern Man') to tense discovery ('Harpeth River') to earnest '60's girl group harmonies ('Savin' You,' 'Tell Me Why').'

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: February 9, 2010   on Vanguard

TAGS: Rock | Indie Rock | Folk


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Modern Man
Harpeth River
Forever Me
Savin You
Brave One
Devil in You
Snow Canyons
Tell Me Why
Calling Out
Give Me A Chance