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  Gil Scott-Heron

   I'm New Here

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I'm New Here

Without doubt one of the most important voices in 20th century music, Gil Scott-Heron has been called a Vietnam-era Langston Hughes, a proto-rap pioneer, and - offensively but not inaccurately - the black Bob Dylan, someone whose unfailingly sharp and ironic eye spared neither black-power phonies or scheming presidents.

In 1971 he laid out the blueprint for the whole rap genre with his slinky, bad-as-fuck anthem 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' -- on which the then 23 year old poetically dismantled the entire 70s culture -- while throughout a career spanning five decades, Scott-Heron's deep, soulful voice spoke of nukes, Reaganomics or apartheid, always from deep inside the tradition.

TAGS: Jazz | Rap/Hip Hop | R&B


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On Coming From A Broken Home (Pt. 1)
Me And The Devil
I'm New Here
Your Soul And Mine
Parents (Interlude)
I'll Take Care Of You
Being Blessed (Interlude)
Where Did The Night Go
I Was Guided (Interlude)
New York Is Killing Me
Certain Things (Interlude)
The Crutch
I've Been Me (Interlude)
On Coming From A Broken Home (Pt. 2)