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  John DiCrosta

   Multi Character Disorder

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Multi Character Disorder

Clean, upbeat humor with dozens of voices, off beat impressions and more.

As one reviewer put it, John DiCrosta unpacks his voice box on an unsuspecting Saturday night crowd parading character after character like some human clown car. On stage DiCrosta is 'electric.' His sharp wit and knack for playfully causing trouble with practical jokes has helped to spread his name across the U.S. and Canada.

TAGS: Comedy | Live


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1. Flying In
2. As Seen On TV
3. Head Sets
4. Finding Binny
5. Hunting Crocs
6. Dolphin Lady
7. Zamfir
8. There's A Name For That Eye
9. Cousin Nick
10. Restaurant Fun!
11. Coffee Time
12. Waterslide
13. It's Noonish, Donut Time
14. Oops At The Border
15. Combination Pratter
16. Bagels Down South