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  Patrice O'Neal

   Mr. P

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Mr. P

Patrice O'Neal holds no punches on this new comedy CD.

Patrice O'Neal's new stand-up comedy album, Mr. P, is seventy-four minutes of original material from the regular on the Opie & Anthony radio show and roaster at the Comedy Central roast of Charlie Sheen.

'If you want to understand what comedy is supposed to sound like, you have to listen to this. If you want to understand what a comedian is supposed to sound like, listen to this. If you want to listen to somebody who just can't stop opening up about what he thinks of himself, and what he thinks of you, then listen to this album.' - Colin Quinn, 2011.

RIP, Patrice. You were one of the best.

TAGS: Comedy | Live


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1. Intro
2. Can't Care
3. Making Lots Of Money
4. TSA
5. Hate People Touching Me
6. Obama
7. Reparations
8. Race War
9. Tolu
10. White Women Are Pleasant
11. Black Women Get You Refunds
12. White Women Get Cold
13. Side Pussy
14. The Corporation
15. My Dogs
16. Start A Hoe, Stay A Hoe
17. I Like Hoes