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  Loga Ramin Torkian


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Iranian born composer and multi-instrumentalist Loga Ramin Torkian is internationally recognized for his ground-breaking work with world music groups Niyaz and Axiom Of Choice, both of which he co-founded.

Currently based in Montreal, Canada, Loga is now releasing his first solo album Mehraab, which brings his exceptional musicianship along with his highly innovative and complex sensibility for composition to the forefront of a project. The album features the astounding voice of Persian classical singer Khosro Ansari and draws a great amount of inspiration from traditional Iranian melodies and poetry.

Loga explains, 'I could not have found a better person to collaborate with other than Khosro Ansari, whose incredible voice, vocal melodies and choice of poetry became such an integral part of this expression.'

Khosro Ansari can be best described as the modern voice of Persian classical music. Considered among the best singers of the Radif (Persian classical repertoire), Ansari's vast knowledge combined with his highly emotive voice capture the very essence of Iranian music and poetry.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: January 31, 2012   on Six Degrees


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1. The Wild Deer (Gavan)
2. Through The Veil (Az Pardeh)
3. Garden Of The Beloved (Golzare Ashegh)
4. Shrine (Mehraab)
5. Your Bewitching Eyes (Chashme Jadu)
6. Compassion (Parva)
7. The Burning Heart (Souz-e-del)
8. Avaaz
9. Your Bewitching Eyes (Carmen Rizzo remix)