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  The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

   Out Of Frequency

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Out Of Frequency

Brandishing a signature sound that infuses indie-pop with neo-psychedelia, dance and retro-futuristic soul, the Asteroids Galaxy Tour never fail to produce addictive tunes that never sacrifice imagination.

'Heart Attack' is yet another unforgettable anthem with its instantly memorable melody and a caffeinated beat guaranteed to invade dance floors. The slinky 'Major' will seduce you with its 70's blaxploitation-esque horn stabs and edgy vocals that are the perfect balance of commanding and sweet. Title track 'Out Of Frequency' highlights the soulful side of the band with its smoky nostalgic atmosphere and 'Fantasy Friend Forever' has all the elements of an ecstatic psych-pop explosion with it's thumpin' beat and addictive hooks, making it nearly impossible for listeners not to get out of their seats.

'A scintillating update to the funkadelic sound'

'A blast of vintage soul from Copenhagen...a verifiable sensation.' - AM New York

'... a frothy retro-future party mix based in Sixties soul and Seventies funk, and buoyed by sci-fi synths and dub effects.' - Rolling Stone


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1. Gold Rush Pt. I
2. Dollars In The Night
3. Gold Rush Pt. II
4. Major
5. Heart Attack
6. Out Of Frequency
7. Cloak & Dagger
8. Arrival of The Empress (Prelude)
9. Theme From 45 Eugenia
10. Mafia
11. Ghost In My Head
12. Suburban Space Invader
13. Fantasy Friend Forever
14. When It Comes To Us