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  Pat Metheny



'Now,' says Pat Metheny, 'ten years into the new century, it feels like time to try to create something particularly connected to the reality of this unique period in time.' What he's come up with, Orchestrion, is an adventurous 'solo' recording that pairs the composer-guitarist with a phalanx of remarkable, custom-made instruments played via solenoid switches and pneumatics, resulting in the most original set of his career.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: January 26, 2010   on Nonesuch

TAGS: Prog Rock | Jazz | Rock


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Entry Point
Soul Search
Spirit of the Air


Vilnius, Lithuania
Pat Metheny at Pramogu Arena
Riga, Latvia
Pat Metheny at Riga Congress Centre
Tallinn, Estonia
Pat Metheny at Nokia Concert Hall
Helsinki, Finland
Pat Metheny at Finlandia Hall
Aarhus, Denmark
Pat Metheny at Musikhuset Aarhus
Frederiksberg, Denmark
Pat Metheny at Falconer Salen
Gothenburg, Sweden
Pat Metheny at Concert Hall
Stavanger, Norway
Pat Metheny at Stavanger Konserthus
Bergen, Norway
Pat Metheny at Røkeriet USF
Molde, Norway
Pat Metheny with Pat Metheny Unity Group at Björnsonhuset
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