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  Mondo Drag

   New Rituals

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New Rituals

From deep in the cosmos of Iowa comes Mondo Drag, orbiting the planet's garage, psych, space, sludge and stoner rock. With a wall of sound all their own, an arsenal of guitars, and a head full of clouds, they are on a rock n' roll mission.

The band flys head-first into the future, while channeling artists from the past; Pink Floyd, Pentagram, Blue Cheer, even Hendrix are part of their musical lexicon, while Sonic Youth, Dead Meadow, and Comets on Fire hint to their current references.


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New Rituals
Fade Out (Into Space)
Serpent Shake
True Visions
My, Oh My
Come Through
Love Me (Like a Stranger)
Light as a Feather
Tallest Tales
Black River